There are many, perhaps hundreds of ways of reaching a particular goal. Ask twenty personal trainers a path to a particular goal and chances are, you will get twenty different answers. And, (if the trainer is any good) they would all be right. The skill is to find the path that motivates and excites you.

This is why, before we embark on any training we would have a frank an honest discussion about how to proceed. Your likes and dislikes. Your goals and whether you are willing to do what is required to reach those goals. If you don’t like running, then there is little point in making you slog around the roads for hours on end. You won’t enjoy it, you’ll become de-motivated and possibly (definitely) stop training. That is not to say that if I think a run is required as part of the plan, then we go running.

I believe that fitness should be functional. That for the average person wanting to get fit, the workouts should reflect the activities for daily living. I have many pre-determined, yet flexible workouts. For example, I have what I call Industrial Workouts that ape physical labour. This involves lifting, carrying, sledgehammer work etc.

I have a rather dramatically titled Caveman Workout which is designed to recreate the physical requirements of a day in the life of an individual whose day was slightly more challenging than a bus/car ride to the shops to get the weekly groceries and a lottery ticket.

If you are training for a specific sport the workout should reflect that also. I have programmes for varying disciplines of Martial Arts, whether it is semi-contact, light-continuous or Mixed Martial Arts. Programmes for running, football, dance etc.

Regardless of your reasons for training, one thing remains true.

It will be hard work.

You will get breathless. You will ache. It is not possible unfortunately to get licked fit by kittens. I will push you, but I promise (kind of) that you will spend more time smiling and enjoying yourself that you will calling me all sorts of unpleasant names.

Train hard.



Bootcamps are run several times throughout the year. It is a six week course, progressively increasing in intensity with each session. They are held outside come rain or shine and last approximately one hour. They are designed for every level of fitness. Each session will focus on different style each time.

There will be no equipment, bodyweight sessions. Kettlebell, sprint training, buddy training, combat, OCR (Obstacle Course Race) and for those that want a severe challenge, one off SOBSOM sessions.


Bootcamps are ideal for those who prefer to train outside and with other people. The sessions will get you fitter for whatever your chosen sport is. Whether it is football, running, or training for an OCR race such as Tough Mudder, The Nuts Challenge etc.

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BareBonesFitness - Personal Trainer in StansteadStrong Of Body, Strong Of Mind

SOBSOM routines are for clients that are already fit, but want pushing that little bit harder. These sessions are shorter but very intense. Not for the faint-hearted.

Whatever your chosen sport, whether it’s:

Sports Martial Arts





Gym Circuits

Or even if you just want a better physique for the summer……etc

…..I have a workout, or can create a workout specifically for you. Make no mistake, these routines are hard. You will need physical and mental toughness to get through them. You must be focused, determined and adopt a mindset that fosters a stubborn refusal to give up when the going gets tough.  The only comfort you will get from these routines is the knowledge that whatever I ask you to do, I have done it myself. Once you accept the challenge, there is no giving up halfway through. Are you tough enough?


 As the heading says, you need to be…..

………..Strong of Body, Strong of mind.


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